‘Don’t Move, Improve!’ exhibition

The CRAFT team visited London’s annual ‘Don’t Move, Improve! Exhibition at The Building Centre. The exhibition showcases how some Londoners are adapting and expanding their homes instead of moving to upsize or suit a change in lifestyle.

As residential architects in London, we know just how much space is at a premium in the UK’s big cities. We wanted to learn about how others have been renovating, improving and extending their homes. Walking around the exhibition, we individually picked our favourites and critiqued them as a group.

Interestingly, whilst each project we picked was unique, they all had two things in common:

  1. They all had an understated quality about them, with subtle changes made to the existing building
  2. They all seemed to have an air of DIY about them; we decided this quality embodied the personal character of the home owners

We believe that good architecture should be personal. It’s about designing spaces that work in harmony with our clients’ lifestyles. This is best achieved through close collaboration between the architect, client and contractor, helping to develop vision into well-crafted and unique architecture.