Fad or fantastic? Seeing designs in virtual reality

At Craft we wanted to see whether virtual reality technology can bring real benefits to our clients and aid us in producing beautiful architecture.

When presenting our designs, we usually talk through the drawings and ask our clients to try and imagine the new spaces. This can sometimes be a challenge, but using virtual reality means we can bring our designs to life. Whether it’s a new build, refurbishment or extension project, it allows clients and contractors to see the spaces rather than leaving it to their imagination.

It gives them a glimpse of what’s in our heads. When everyone can see the same thing, it creates a platform for great collaboration. It means we can have much more constructive discussions, resulting in more innovative architecture, whilst creating spaces that our clients love.

Advancements in virtual reality have been happening at an astonishing rate. We’ve been able to use smart phones to visualise our designs and create a completely portable visual communications tool to use with our clients on site.

We will be updating this post in the forthcoming weeks as we investigate the pros and cons of using VR in our design services.